10Pearls is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Women Tech Quest 2019 scheduled to take place on
20th April 2019 at 10Pearls University, Karachi.

Women Tech Quest is a competition providing women working in the technology sector space where
they not only come forward to compete in Coding, Testing and Design competitions but also get an
opportunity to network within the community, encouraging them to come to the forefront and
strengthen their role in the tech industry. The event aims to highlight the work of women in IT and
challenge stigmas by creating a platform where they can engage with like-minded strong women in a
friendly competition. Apart from professionals actively working in the IT sector, Women Tech Quest
also has participation from students and stay-at-home mothers, proving that the tech industry has the
potential to become fertile ground for female technologists if they are provided with a conducive and
supportive working environment.

Women Tech Quest has seen a remarkable response in previous years. It was initiated in 2017, where
there were more than 100 registrations out of which 60% were professionals. In 2018, the competition
had more than double the number of registrations (200) out of which 48% were professionals. After
the successful launch of Women Tech Quest in 2017, 10Pearls aimed to make Women Tech Quest
2018 even bigger and succeeded in doing so.

10Pearls’ Managing Director Zeeshan Aftab explained the idea behind holding the Women Tech
Quest: “We want to provide a platform for women in the tech space to demonstrate their creativity and
expertise, and get due recognition for their efforts. Such opportunities aren’t always available to

In 2018 Jehan Ara, President P@SHA/Nest i/o joined in as Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony and
Dawn News & The News Spaces covered the event (Video link here). Bonanza Satrangi and
#WomenInTechPK proudly supported Women Tech Quest and presented the participants with
vouchers & giveaways. This year P@SHA, WomenInTechPK, CIRCLE, Triumph and Roshni Rides
are proud partners of Women Tech Quest 2019.

Women Tech Quest also proved to become a breakthrough for young female technologists who had
taken a break from the industry due to family commitments. The event motivated them to rejoin their
arena of expertise and today we are happy to have them as part of our 10Pearls Team.

“I feel lucky to be a part of Women Tech Quest and securing the first position”, said Shahida Firdous,
Winner of Women Tech Quest 2018. “Despite being untouched by the IT field for almost 5 years, I
prepared myself for this competition through self-learning and took part in it. I believe that through
such programs women like us who have to look after their homes but are also passionate enough to
focus on their careers, get an opportunity to know where they are standing in the fast-moving
technological world. I thank 10Pearls for giving me and all the other women of the IT industry a great
platform to enhance our skills.”

Women Tech Quest displays a fun-filled spirit of competition and gives the ladies an opportunity to
come together, compete, network and make a difference. With the first two editions of the Women
Tech Quest proving to be highly successful, 10Pearls plans on continuing holding such events in order
to develop an ecosystem of female technologists that can propel the IT sector forward.