From September 2016 to present, WomenInTechPK has not only increased female representation on panels, but has also enabled women by helping them learn new skills and re-enter the workplace. Furthermore, the platform offers scholarships, webinars, freelancing training, offline meetups, and coding boot camps for its members. We also offer support to women-based initiatives as well as run campaigns for social causes, such as health and education.

  • Collaborations

    • Community

      Community Collaborations

      We collaborate with different organizations and events to ensure diversity and inclusion and help them in reaching out to female...

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      Grant & Scholarships

      WomenInTechPK offer scholarships and grants to its members for attending different training programs and conferences worldwide.

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  • Networking

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      WomenInTechPK Meetups

      We do regular offline meetups for your members to network, share ideas and learn from each other!

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  • Programs

    • code girls

      Code Girls

      A fully funded coding and business skills boot camp launched by WomenInTechPK in collaboration with ConsulNet Corporation and United Global...

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    • crypto

      CryptoChicks Pakistan

      CryptoChicks Pakistan offers highly subsidized online Blockchain training opportunities via BlockGeeks learning platform.

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    • womenpower

      Empower - Digital...

      WomenInTechPK has launched a Digital Internship Program in collaboration with Ananke called Empower. Empower is a change-making, three-month program for...

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