Madeeha Khan Yousufzai

In this latest series of articles, we are publishing interviews of women who are working as a professional or a student in the technology sector. The objective is to highlight their work and contribution to the industry as well as to the community.

In these interviews, you will find women working in technology to solve real-world problems, to break stereotypes and to create the next big impact on the tech industry. This series of interviews shows that even with the lowest rate of women participation in the labor market in Pakistan, there are still lots of smart women who are creating and using technology to work wonders.

Today, we are featuring Madeeha Khan Yousufzai. Read on to know more about her work and get inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, your education, and your work.

I am Madeeha Khan, and I am a person whose life revolves around passion, compassion, and integrity. I was born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan, and I love my country. In my social circle, I am known as the Lahore ambassador. I have information about anything and everything they need to know about Lahore.  

Today’s person is all due to my amazing parents, my caring grandparents, and my cool and supportive siblings. I am blessed to have mentors, coaches, and teachers across my study life, especially my school life teachers and principals (Ms. Naveen, Ms. Munaza, Ms. Humaira, Ms.Sameera). I want to thank all my friends, extended family, and social media network to trust in my abilities. 

I am a business graduate by education and a mentor and coach by passion and profession. My career journey is driven by the mission to positively impact people by helping them to find their passion and live it. 

To sum it up, I am an MBA qualified professional, ICAgile Certified Professional, Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster. I am also an IBM accredited Blue Core Business Coach, IBM accredited Project Management Mentor and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Madeeha at ISWIP workshop

What are your plans/aspirations? What impact will it have on the community/society/your team/your project?

I have been living my dream since 2012 to positively impact atleast one person in a day through my work and presence. Even if it is about giving a genuine and sincere smile when meeting a person or building an agile community or representing my country so far across the UK, USA, Ireland, Nepal, Norway, Portugal, Ghana, India, and Bangladesh. 

My plans are undoubtedly exciting and aligned with this dream. The aim is to foster a growth mindset in people through education. The impact is going to be massive as now it’s time to think big and go bigger. Stay tuned and remember me in your prayers, dear readers!

Madeeha as a speaker at Scrum Day London

Please brag about your career accomplishments, what are the things you are proud of?

First of all, thank you for giving me this bragging opportunity. Before sharing the list of career accomplishments, I am proud of my whole journey.

Now here comes the list, which sometimes seems overwhelming for me even, and then I see 12 years of hard work in my career journey and more than 15 years of formal education life. Alhamdulillah.

  1. First-ever Pakistani/Pakistan Resident so far across the globe who has been part of Regional Scrum Gathering(s) and other significant International Conferences as a Speaker and as a Jury member since December 2018.
  2. Speaker | Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal 2018 
  3. Speaker | Regional Scrum Gathering Bangladesh 2019
  4. Speaker | Scrum Day London 2019 
  5. Speaker | Agile in Africa 2019 
  6. Speaker | Discuss Agile Conference Webinar 2018 
  7. Jury Member | Regional Scrum Gathering Hyderabad 2019 
  8. Jury Member | World Agility Forum Portugal Europe 2019 
  9. Forbes article for World Agility Forum Celebrates Excellence 2019
  10. Global Goodwill Ambassador | Humanitarian, 2019
  11. Celebrating Women in Project Management Global Series 2019 & Global Series 2020 by Elise Stevens, Australia
  12. Thinkers 360 List – 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2020
  13. Workshop Leader | ISWIP 2019 – International Students Week In Pakistan (7 days’ workshop on Social Media & Entrepreneurship for more than 70 delegates from 20+ countries.)

What has been your best education/career decision, and why?

I have always been selective in choosing an educational institutions to study in and employers to work with. My best education decision was to go for business administration studies. I was able to combine my love for people management, business, finance, law, mathematics, economics, and communications and later to utilize it in my career life and to find where I belong. 

The best decision in terms of career was to explore and hope for job for the first four years. Many people and employers didn’t appreciate (discouraged) me to do so; however, when I shared my point of view, many of them understood and respected it. I was never afraid to take risks and do experiments to find what works well. I was able to convey and convince them about what I was looking for and what I was aiming for. I am blessed, I was able to stay determined, and time proved it right. Thanks to my employers, who decided to work with me and give me learning opportunities.

Madeeha giving inhouse training

What’re the best lessons you’ve learned?

Best lessons of my life journey are

    • Always believe in yourself because if you won’t, then others can’t.
    • Always follow your passion because we all live once, so live at its best.
    • Even if you are alone in your journey at any point in time, please carry on, providing anything, and everything you are doing is part of your passion, and it doesn’t harm ecology at any level. Determination and patience is the key to success.
    • Respect yourself, your time, your energy, and give respect to others.
    • Stay humble all time and at all phases in life. 

Madeeha as a speaker at Nepal

Which woman inspires you and why?

Every woman is an inspiration in its ways, and this is what I look for how I can take inspiration from every woman I meet or interact with.

Do you think Pakistan has changed as a society, in terms of accepting career-oriented women? What needs to change to help more women come forward?

I instead see it as a global change as I feel that society’s culture and geographical dynamics play a substantial role in shaping up the environment. There are a lot of opportunities for men and women both to choose flexible working hours and locations. 

Now anyone can work from home and stay connected to the world. Our country Pakistan has been conducive to promote the talent of women. Women can be more progressive when they get support and confidence from their homes. When this positive impact takes place in every family unit, sustainable success will be achieved.

Madeeha at ISWIP workshop

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I wish and pray that our upcoming generation of women should not be faced with the level of challenges we had to deal with. Establishing human connections might be the biggest challenge the next generations will face.

If you could change one thing about the tech industry/business, what would it be?

The Tech industry must think and expand globally, and technology should be in access for all people on this planet. This should be among fundamental rights. I travel internationally, and I see the difference in technology interventions for each country, regardless of how developed it is. It is high time to roll out the proven and successful interventions worldwide.

Madeeha at Scrun training

How can WomenInTechPK help you and other women?

WomenInTechPK is already doing real substantial work. I highly appreciate their efforts and keep promoting them in my social circle. One suggestion can be a monthly/quarterly meetup (online or onsite) in all major cities where more than ten women can join in. Also, women in technology who would like to offer training/workshops/seminars can be registered under the WomenInTechPK entity so that the logistics of these events can collectively be taken care of. Like many women in the technology domain works as a freelancer, and it is less costly to organize each event from scratch.  

Madeeha – Project Management Workshop

Bonus News: Madeeha Khan is also selected as the speaker for the upcoming Agile XP 2020 (21st International Conference on Agile Software Development by Agile Alliance) happening from 8 to 12 June 2020. Yet again, she is the only Pakistani to make for it. We are happy and excited for her to represent our Pakistan.

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