Incredible Pakistani Women In Technology You Must Follow is an unranked list of women who are actively participating in tech-focused businesses or fields. We combed through startups, tech companies, mentors, scholars, and social media to identify women who are changing the narrative around women technologists within the country and beyond.

We are revealing the complete list in a number of episodes and this is our fifth episode. Below is the list of 25 Incredible Pakistani Women, which is sorted in alphabetical order:

1. Aamna Hassan Fasihi

Twitter Bio: A computer Engg graduate from NED with a flair for writing; Digital marketer for 4 yrs, been associated with @Sukoonofficial @wondertreeco & now @NIC_Karachi

Twitter Handle: @AamnaFasihi

2. Aiman Saeed

Twitter Bio: Director Marketing @AlooClan, @WomenTechmakersAmbassador, #IamRemarkable Facilitator. Part of @demoideas @GDG_Islamabad @Erasmus_Mundus @localguides

Twitter Handle: @aimans_3

3. Amna N. Quraishi

Twitter Bio: Startup growth advisor. Marketing & Product Strategist.

Twitter Handle: @amnaque

4. Anum B Jaffry

Twitter Bio: Digital Bee | Mom Blogger | Start-up Counselor | Founder #parcelit #khushposh || Insta:: anumbjaffry

Twitter Handle: @AnumJaffry

5. Anum Tariq Khan

Twitter Bio: Engineer | Digital Marketer | Techpreneur | Business Developer | Founder/Director@HastyEngineers | Youth Parliamentarian

Twitter Handle: @AnumTariqKhan

6. Binte Arif

Twitter Bio: Ready to conquer the world as usual, but waiting for the right moment. Student of deen right now. And project manager/business process re-designer by profession

Twitter Handle: @bintearif84

7. Fatima Asad-Said

Twitter Bio: Trusting the journey as a mother, business leader, learning enthusiast by creating value in my universe

Twitter Handle: @Fasadsaid

8. Hafsa Naseem

Twitter Bio: Content Marketing Trainer | Consultant | Strategist. #Socialmedia enthusiasts, Public #speaker. #inspire for better #opportunities

Twitter Handle: @hafsajehangir2

9. Hafsa Shorish

Twitter Bio: Here to avoid Facebook, News & nature junkie. Fond of startups| product management |design |content & dark. *Hustle & ❤️ will set you apart*

Twitter Handle: @HafsaShorish

10. Hufsa Munawar

Twitter Bio: A #Digital #Marketer by Passion & Profession. Marketing Manager @codeinformatics, Ambassador @WomenTechmakers, Creative Lead @gdg_islamabad & A Traveler @ Heart

Twitter Handle: @hufsamunawar

11. Iffat Gill

Twitter Bio: Social Activist-Strategist -Founder & CEO @chunrichoupaal @codetochange
#Womenrights #digitalinclusion #genderequality #womenintech #entrepreneurship #diversity

Twitter Handle: @iffatgill

12. Khizra Zaheer

Twitter Bio: Author | Business Graduate | Startup Founder | Digital Media | Peace Lover | Trying to live

Twitter Handle: @khizra_zaheer

13. Mahwish Afridi

Twitter Bio: An entrepreneur -Director Femonics- lead project Facebook CLC-Rwp

Twitter Handle: @mahwishafridi

14. Mariam Aslam

Twitter Bio: Test Automation Engineer | Community Leader #WomeninQA #QASocietyPK | Founder #Testify | Firebase Expert | DevC Scholarship winner 2019

Twitter Handle: @maiaslam

15. Muazma Zahid

Twitter Bio: Passionate about Data and AI | D&I Advocate | Foodie

Twitter Handle: @MuazmaZahid

16. Nazish Hussain

Twitter Bio: founder of @secretstashpk – startups & yoga enthusiast. Trying to figure the rest out.

Twitter Handle: @nazishhussain

17. Nida Athar

Twitter Bio: Innovation Junkie, Aspiring cook, and Supermom…these days an accidental science communicator …. banker in the past life

Twitter Handle: @nidaathar

18. Quratulain Fatima

Twitter Bio: CoFounder @Women4PeaceTech|Alumni @WeidenfeldSchol @BlavatnikSchool @UniofOxford|Fellow @AspenNewVoices @howtobuildpeace @Worldbank|PAF Vetrn|UnCivil Servnt|Mom

Twitter Handle: @moodee_q

19. Rabab Fatima

Twitter Bio: Co-founder at Bolotech

Twitter Handle: @rababfatima212

20. Ramsha Jahangir

Twitter Bio: Journalist covering tech & society, internet rights, censorship, regulation & digital politics | data hoarder at DAWN

Twitter Handle: @ramshajahangir

21. Sahih Sheikh

Twitter Bio:  Passionate technologist, Founder & CEO @solugix, Founder & CEO@RiseMom, cat lover & dress designer

Twitter Handle: @SihahW

22. Sana Khan Niazi

Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur. Actor. Comedian. and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Twitter Handle: @SanaKhNiazi

23. Shanza Khan Shahani

Twitter Bio: Co-Founder of @bolotechh

Twitter Handle: @ShanzaKhanShah

24. Sundas Khalid

Twitter Bio: Data Scientist @amazon, Lead at Pakistani Women in Computing @pwic_org. Advocate of diversity, passionate about building community and helping others grow.

Twitter Handle: @sundaskhalid6

25. Syeda Sadaf Shah

Twitter Bio: Drilling Engineer | Performance Team Leader – First female Drilling & Completion Engineer of Pakistan – First female Petroleum Engineering graduate from MUET

Twitter Handle: @Sadaf219


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This list appreciates the women technologists in Pakistan, who are using their potential in the tech industry to create a lasting impact.

In addition, women constitute a total of 49% of Pakistan’s population, where 22.4% of women are working in the workforce. This list captures very few women out of 22.4% who are most successful in their tech career. We aim to bring more women to the list by inspiring and encouraging them.

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