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“Failure is a pre-requisite for great success. If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure”  -Brian Tracy

This quote by Brian Tracy is cent percent true in the sense that failure opens new doors for you. No one likes to fail but failure, nonetheless, is inexorable. Even if it is a fresh graduate or an experienced worker, facing failures at your workplace is normal. The thing that matters the most is how you deal with the stress associated with it. Whether you’re a tycoon up against the closure of your business or you’re an employee who is facing the lows in his career, here are some tips to save your career from the threshold of failure.

1. Face the reality with strength

Do not be offensive towards others on your failures. Acceptance of criticism is very crucial in professional environments. Things can go off the beam as the pressure builds up but it is not the end of the world.

2. Identify and work on the aspects leading to failures

If you can’t complete a project, just analyze the full picture. Polish your skills if you reach to the conclusion that it was because of your own doing. Come up with the appropriate measures if the factors are not in your control like for instance weather conditions and others.

3. Make failure your opportunity

Treat failure as an opportunity to rectify your way of working. You need to evaluate your professional capabilities and working routine.

4. Stay committed

Whether it is the boss or your client, never promise the things you cannot do within a given time limit. Just, give them the pledge of fixing the issue or completing the task in whatever way you can.

5. Do not fear gossip

People see you from head to toe in a taunting way? Never care for them. Just think you are on a journey, there will be ups and downs which is obvious. People don’t know your inner story then why are you stressing out. Sometimes being a one-person show can be helpful.

6. Building your self-confidence is necessary

Don’t fail when your business fails. Just get back up and learn from it. You need to move forward and you should give yourself a second chance.

7. Learn from those who endured

Many successful business persons have dazed a holdup of some sort in their profession and they know the meaning of moving on after failure. Like Twitter was established by Evan Williams after his podcast directory Odeo was rendered outdated by the launching of iTunes. Steve Jobs embraced his failure and saved Apple again and many other stories are there for us to see and learn. Soon after James Quincey became the CEO of Coca-Cola Co., he called the managers to get beyond the fear of failure that had dogged the company since the “New Coke” debacle of so many years ago. His main message was “If we’re not making mistakes, “we’re not trying hard enough.” Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, perhaps the most successful entrepreneur in the world, mentioned that the company’s growth and revolution is built on its failures.

8. Try new things

If regularly doing things in the same style has not gotten you anywhere then it is a time to try something new. Identify new directions and then see where you reach.

9. Success is not luck, but hard work

Success comes from hard work. You have to first put yourself in a position of luck, which is only possible through hard work. It is only you who can do it, no other person will do it for you. So stay motivated.

10. Do Some Social Media Investment

It is very important nowadays. Social media can take you to the place where you want to be. Grow your online community which can increase your mentors and clients. People will begin to follow you. Your online presence can result in growing business for your company or better opportunities for your career.

11. Persistence is the Key

Businesspersons who are successful today never quit after their first attempt. Hardly, a few people may have become overnight successes but it is not long-lasting. It is the perseverance that helps people to resolve the crises in their business and nothing can beat this factor.

12. Have Fun in Your Work

If you’re having fun with your endeavor, even if it is a failure it would make you realize that it was a success. At least it is your own work and you had fun trying a new thing.

13. Pen down the assertions regularly

There are many people who do something fearfully and they are not motivated for that. Even those who have faced failures can overcome it if they make positive assertions on a daily basis. It would greatly affect your subconscious mind. We should also envision the success of having attained our goal. When the mind is having positive thoughts, you can overcome negativity and the right opportunities will present itself before you.

14. Dress gracefully

Dressing has a very positive effect on your personality. It is human psychology to look good. It increases your self-confidence and make you feel better. In business, if you appear one-step ahead in your dress in a business meetup, the chances of success are would be high regardless of your past failures.

15. Failure is the courage to continue what counts

This statement is hope. There is always hope, even when it seems otherwise. Moreover, hope will keep you moving forward. That is what really matters.

To sum up, here is what you can do to be the survivor of failure:

  • Being steadfast in your current business endeavors with lessons learned from mistakes (discussing new stratagems with your client and devising new ideas to avoid the same situation.)
  • Realigning and continuing in another direction (it can be new clients, new niche, and a new business structure.)
  • Just figure out what you need in order to continue and thrive in your career (new software, new skills, and advice of a colleague or mentorship.)

I hope by having this detailed guideline you will definitely gain something and would deal with the catastrophe smartly. I wish you good luck with your future endeavors.