ngGirls is educating girls and women in web technologies.

On September 7th, 2019, ngGirls has conducted an Angular Workshop at The Nest I/O, Karachi. The workshop was attended by the participants, instructors, mentors, organizers, advisors, supporters, and volunteers.

Venue, Date & Time

Important Highlights of Workshop

All the participants were warmly welcomed and confirmed their registration. They proceeded with the team formation activities where they interact with each other and develop their teams for the workshop. Each team engaged with a mentor who can assist and guide them.

The workshop started with a welcome note by Zainab Salim (Organiser – ngGirls Karachi, Sr. Software Engineer – She spoke about the ngGirls’ mission to educate women/girls in technology. Furthermore, she discussed the diversity issue in the technology sector where we have fewer women as compared to men. In order to address this issue, Shumela Jocabs (Founder, ngGirls) started a community “ngGirls” to educate and empower women in technology. The main focus of ngGirls is to educate in front-end development using Angular. Additionally, she talked about the past events of ngGirls Karachi which went successful along with good feedback from participants. 

The workshop instructor and advisor Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz (Co-founder and Director – IOMechs, Local GDE) shared the vision and mission of his company. He started off the workshop with an Introduction to Angular and covered basic concepts. After the introduction the workshop began. Participants went through the development of a simple application. The participants followed the tutorial and developed their first Angular application. The mentors helped them to follow the steps as well as answering any queries related to the careers and tech industry.

Apart from the workshop, there was also a raffle in which two participants got JetBrain’s license for one year and the other two participants got access to two angular ultimate courses. All participants received certificates, swag kits, and enjoyed the food. 

Zainab Salim presented a token of appreciation and thanked all the amazing instructors, mentors, advisors, and supporters who spent time with the teams and helped them during the workshop with excellent advice. She thanked all sponsors and partners, including Iomechs (gold sponsor), Genetech Solutions & KoderLabs  (silver sponsor), Nest IO (venue partner), and all community partners, including WomenInTechPK, Consulnet Corporation, Recurship, ReactKHI, DevnCode

Zainab Salim was the organizer of the workshop along with two co-organiser Javeria Nisar and Robert Willemelis. Whereas, the advisor includes local GDEs (Mashhood Rastgar, Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz) and Taley’ a Mirza. On the other hand, the participants were surrounded by a team of mentors which includes Aqib Ehsan, Saad Abbasi, Sana Musharraf, Faria Ejaz, Ahmed Khan, Syeda Sidrah, Mohsin Ayaz, Syed Saad Qamar, Jibran Yousuf Khan, Muhammad Ali, Amna Ejaz, and Noor Mehboob

Zainab Salim concluded the workshop by asking everyone to gather for a group photo and network with each other. 

Other highlights:

  • The workshop welcomed participants from a diverse background which includes technology, medical and law.
  • Everyone wrote about their experience of the workshop on testimonial wall 
  • The organizers showed care for all participants’ dietary preferences and ordered a vegetarian menu as well.
  • Also, there were participants under 18 years of age from 7th and 9th grade.

Some glimpses of the event: 


Pictures of the event:

About ngGirls:

ngGirls is an international open source community (founded by Shmuela Jacobs) which aims to introduce women to the world of technology and increase diversity. The community plans various events for women to learn and build front-end web applications with the latest technologies, including Angular to be one of the core technologies. It also offers guidance in finding a job in front end development.

ngGirls Karachi is one of the chapters of ngGirls community. It is lead by Zainab Salim and Javeria Nisar

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