In this latest series of articles, we are publishing interviews of women who are working as a professional or a student in the technology sector. The objective is to highlight their work and contribution to the industry as well as to the community.

In these interviews, you will find women working in technology to solve real-world problems, to break stereotypes and to create the next big impact on the tech industry. This series of interviews shows that even with the lowest rate of women participation in the labor market in Pakistan, there are still lots of smart women who are creating and using technology to work wonders.

Today, we are featuring Abroo Jalil. Read on to know more about her work and get inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, your education, and your work.

I’m Aabroo Jalil, did Bachelor of Engineering in Computer & Information Systems from NED university, then I started working in Folio3 as Associate Software Engineer and then promoted to Software Engineer. 

What are your plans/aspirations? What impact will it have on the community/society/your team/your project?

I am passionate about data science. I have got some certifications and done courses, too, so that I will be enrolling myself in a master’s program, most probably in data studies in a renowned University. Furthermore, I will be looking forward to starting my firm(InshaAllah) and will also be looking to help the community by providing them free sessions and training.

Please brag about your career accomplishments, what are the things you are proud of?  

I have certification in basic courses related to machine learning. As my clear goal is to pursue my career as a Machine learning Practitioner, started with Botnet detection using an Artificial Immune System. Facial recognition system, Question Answer Modules using deep learning models. I have also completed training sessions of Deep learning. 

What has been your best education/career decision, and why?

I am getting into the technology industry as I’m the only girl in my family who breaks the stereotype by enrolling myself in the engineering field. And I was bashed by many as it’s a male-dominated field. Later on, I proved them wrong as I’m happily working in one of the renowned software houses as a software engineer. 

What’re the best lessons you’ve learned?

Best lessons I’ve learned so far:

Don’t settle yourself for less than what you deserve! And don’t rely on others for your tasks. You are the one who is responsible for every of your action. Always push and strive hard to get what you want or what d

Which woman inspires you and why?

Daphne Koller inspires me most as her vision revolves around the Machine learning practices, particularly around computer vision.

Do you think Pakistan has changed as a society, in terms of accepting career-oriented women? What needs to change to help more women to come forward?

Yes, Pakistan has changed in terms of accepting career-oriented women but not to the full extent. Still more such change is needed to be seen, by encouraging young women to build their career, as no other person can do that for them they have to take a step for themselves, once they will accept themselves, only then society will accept them.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I don’t think there will be such significant challenges for freshies, but I believe there will be more opportunities for them.

 If you could change one thing about the tech industry/business, what would it be?

To break the stereotype that only men are excel in the technology industry since I have grown up listening to the same words and whenever I heard the technical industry name, single man popup in mind.

How can WomenInTechPK help you and other women?

It can give women identity in the technological industry, and it will be a learning platform and will help to gain new experiences.

You can follow Abroo Jalil using her profiles below, and please do not hesitate in hiring her for your next project.