About WomenInTechPK

An inclusive, women only community encouraging connections to Support, Empower and Inspire!

There is a persistent lack of representation of the Pakistani woman on not just public forums but also in areas of public speaking, access to opportunities and especially on the broader technological conversations. Keeping in view, the critical need of unifying the scattered voice of women in the local tech landscape to enable diversity, the WomenInTechPK community was launched in September 2016. The platform started out as a Facebook group, to support and encourage Pakistani female technologists to actively participate in professional and public forums.

WomenInTechPK is a women-only community offering a platform where members can talk freely about professional and career-related issues, seek advice as well as opportunities, find mentors and, forge organizational alliances and individual collaborations. It also arranges offline networking events and meet-ups with focused agenda to benefit the entire community. Our goal is to help build individual and personal connections, where women can formulate strategies towards creating a more diversified and inclusive environment in Pakistan for women technologists.

We are presently collaborating with several local communities, organizations and non-government bodies (NGOs); aiming to create more visibility for our community members.


Why It Matters?

Women constitute a major percentage of the total population in Pakistan and their participation is a disruptive force that can fuel the tech industry not only locally but internationally. WomenInTechPK offers a supportive and safe environment for women where they can learn technical and interpersonal skills through our wide array of Programs!

Value to Community

We believe in giving back to the community by inspiring countless women to excel in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Hence, we help the community by providing the following resources and initiatives:

working table
  • Online support and discussion forum with the ability to post anonymous questions.
  • Job board and opportunity sharing platform.
  • Offer learning opportunities for women to amplify their technical skills by conducting seminars, webinars, and boot camps.
  • Advocacy for inclusion and diversity in the tech industry.
  • Part of the national and global women’s movement for access to technology and representation.
  • Collaboration with local and international organizations with similar goals for idea and resource sharing, and to develop common activism strategies.
  • Share success stories of women with impactful initiatives and recommend them for promotion and recognition opportunities.
  • Surveys and research data collection on the wage gap, community effectiveness, and workplace harassment.
  • CSR campaigns for Education, Entrepreneurship and health-related local and international initiatives.
  • Showcase the work and talent of women in technology with the Incredible WomenInTechPK Interview Series. We publish interviews of our inspiring members and become a mouthpiece for their excellent contributions! 
  • Highlight the number of women in technology by featuring their twitter profiles for the world to see, follow and get inspired! 
  • Allow members to give a facebook live session for sharing knowledge and opportunities.

Our Progress


Number of Webinars


Number of Members


Number of Meetups


Number of participants in the program: 31


Number of signed MoU


Number of CSR campaigns


Number of surveys


Number of interns in the program: 4


Number of matches made: 1


Number of conferences/events we collaborated with


Number of graduates from CG : 550


Number of hires from CG graduates : 50


Number of interviews published


Twitter episodes


Women featured